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Public Internet Access Policy


The Copper Valley Community Library is committed to support persons of all ages pursuing a sustained program of learning independent of any educational provider. To complete this mission the library offers the internet as a primary platform for access to electronic information resources and databases essential for library research purposes. Resources available on the Internet supplement and compliment the collections of the Copper Valley Community Library.

Children Internet Safety Act

The Copper Valley Community Library has provided 2 laptops through the OWL Project solely for children between the ages of K - 16 years of age to access the internet. These 2 laptops have had safety protocols installed. This includes but is not limited to information on Cyber Bullying and block sites that are not safe for children to access. Children may check out a laptop and sit at the table next to the librarian’s desk.

Internet Use Guidelines

Library staff shall develop such rules and procedures as are necessary to ensure fair and reasonable use of Internet resources.
There are no restrictions to who can use the Internet, but minors who are not familiar with the appropriate handling of a computer have to be supervised by a parent or guardian to avoid damage of equipment.
Patrons may not download or copy files to the computer's hard drive. You may bring your own thumb drive to save or download files. CAUTION: Files which are downloaded from the Internet may contain a virus. The Library is not responsible for any damage to personal hardware as a result of downloading or copying files from any library computer.
The Library does not offer electronic mail (e-mail) accounts. You may use e-mail only if you can connect to your Internet account, or if you have an e-mail account accessible via the Web.

Patrons may not load or use personal software, delete or alter files other than their own, or alter or attach equipment to the library's hardware.

Resources on the Internet may not be used for commercial, unauthorized, illegal or unethical purpose. Library workstations are in public areas. Display of unethical images at any computer may constitute a violation of the Library’s Public Code of Conduct and AMC 08.05.420, Disseminating Indecent Material to Minors. Patrons have to comply with copyright and licensing agreements of programs and data on the Internet.

An abbreviated Internet Use Policy will be displayed at every public computer in the Library.

Library staff and patrons are to respect the privacy of Internet users.

Appropriated behavior is expected when using the computer. No swearing, no food or drink around computers.

Library staff will have to impose time limits of ½ hour for using the computers when patrons are waiting. Reservations for computer can not be made in advance.

Failure to use the Internet responsibly will be brought to the patron’s attention by the library staff. If there is no improvement in the patron’s behavior after two warnings, the matter goes to the Library Board, which will decide about the permanent revocation of the patron’s computer use privileges.

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE SECURITY OF YOUR DATA ON OUR PUBLIC WIRELESS NETWORK, and strongly recommend the use of a virtual private network (VPN) when accessing sensitive data over any public network. The Library is not responsible for any data loss or theft that occurs when using our network.

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